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Timmy's Place is a second hand clothing and housewares store. Its purpose is to help raise funds for Timothy Christian School in Williamsburg, as well as to provide an outlet for affordable used clothing in Morrisburg and surrounding areas. 


Timothy Christian School (TCS) is an independent elementary school that educates children through Christ centered programs that combine faith and learning. TCS has approximately 60 students from Junior Kindergarten through to grade 8. If you are interested in Christian Education you can visit:


We carry everything from clothing items to children's toys, from books to tools. We have many items that you may need to setup your home and clothe your family. 


Timmy's Place is run by volunteers with an overseeing committee and board. Over 50 volunteers generously give their time and efforts in the daily operations of Timmy's Place. Therefore, Timmy's Place is able to donate a large portion of the sales directly to TCS. 









About Us

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